One thing you can be sure about Bertazzoni appliances is that they look awesome. Bertazzoni products are not cheap. They range from $6000-8000 on average. But even with this price you may get troubleshoots!
Bertazzoni ovens work fine for cooking/braising but when it come to baking, the heat is too high. One solution for this is to place a metal tray underneath such that the heat gets diffused and circulates better.
Some customers complain that thermo couple is poorly designed and fails on a regular basis. Another inconvenience with Bertazzoni ovens is that the oven randomly turns off and it is difficult to bake anything that requires precise temperature control.
Here are some of the problems you may encounter with Bertazzoni appliances:
✓   Your gas stove burners may not be working
✓   Your microwave door hinges
✓  Your fridge is leaking water
✓  You may need to replace thermal coupler or thermometer.
If you have problems with gas ignition, the most likely cause for it is that the burner head gets clogged after cleaning or after spillover. But if you have cleaned your cooktop or burner recently, slow or no ignition may be caused by the moisture in the burner. It is recommended to shake excess water after cleaning and let them dry out by air drying or by setting in a warm over for 30 minutes. After replacing the burners to their correct position, it may take up to 10-12 clicks to ignite a burner.
Suppose you microwave door ceases to function properly. This may be caused by loose or damaged hinges. All you need to do is to tighten the hinges on your microwave door.
Leaking of water in your refrigerator may be caused by clogged or freezing defrost drain. Other reasons may be improper installation or a cracked rain pain.
If you have these or other problems with your Bertazzoni appliances, Lux Appliance Repair is available for help. We offer high level of professional appliance repair service for Bertazzoni appliances by licensed and experienced technicians at affordable and competitive rates.
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