DCS outdoor and indoor appliances delight their customers with their unique design and durability. “With a DCS Outdoor Kitchen you’ll never want to cook inside again,” the company says and not without any good reason. With all exceptional grills, joining solutions, griddle and dual sideburners you can really make cooking an adventure. DCS products also include indoor cooking, ventilation, refrigeration and dishwashing.
Being as durable as they are, DCS appliances may troubleshoot over time. However, there are some cases when the issue may be easily solved.
For example, if your oven door does not open, the possible cause may be that the oven is in self-clean mode. The oven door will unlock when it has cooled to a safe temperature.
Or, there is a metal sheen on the glass. This likely to be caused by copper or aluminum bottomed parts. The marks can be removed by ceramic cleaner. Make sure to clean your cooktop regularly as stains of the food may react with the ceramic glass and not be removeable.
The cause of uneven flame on your burners may be that the burner parts are not located properly. Ensure that the burner cap is sitting flat.
Sometimes people make calls complaining that the refrigerator motor appears to operate for long periods. The reason for this may be that the weather is too hot or the door is opened to frequently. This may also happen if the refrigerator door is not sealed properly.
One of the benefits working with Lux appliance service is that you can be advised on minor problems like this without the need to call a technician. However, there are some cases when qualified assistance is needed.  If ever you face DCS appliance malfunctioning,Lux Appliance Repair Service technicians are available to help.
Your benefits working with Lux Appliance Repair:
✓  You will have no issue with appointment as Lux Appliance Repair works 24/7 and upon emergencies.
✓  Ourtechnicians are fully trained andknowledgeable in DCS appliances.
✓  You’ll get insured service with 30 Day Labor and 90 Day Parts Warranty.
Book 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Contact DCS appliance repair technician to solve your problem with DCS appliances.

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