Any problems with Marvel Appliance Repair in San Diego? Do you know that Marvel refrigeration has 125 years of history in the luxury refrigeration business? The main competitors for Marvel are Sub-Zero and U-line. If you are thinking of wine refrigerators all three brands are almost identical but Sub-Zero has advantage especially in vibration control.  Moreover, the compressor is on rubber grommets. This dampens vibration when the compressor is on.  And If you are a collector of wine, most probably you will want as little movement as possible because of the fear of re-integrating sediments back into the wine. Sub-Zero is the closest to the wine cave but if you do not have expensive wines that you want to mature, U-line and Marvel are both good choices for the price.

What to do if you Marvel refrigeration is troubleshooting? This may be for various reasons. Before applying to a qualified technician, make sure that it is not one of the simple reasons that may make you laugh. Check the plug. The bale may be flipped to the off position. Sometimes you have to be more creative. For example, you may vacuum the coils under or behind the fridge. Clogged coils can cause poor cooling. Or a foreign object may cause strange sounds in your refrigerator. You may need to unplug the unit, then unscrew the back panel to get to the fan, on the bottom right. Remove any foreign objects.
However, there are occasions when qualified technician is needed to solve your problem with Marvel appliances. Here are some of the problems you may face with Marvel appliances:
✓  The digital temp control can go out
✓  Your fan may make noise
✓  You may need to replace the thermostat.
Lux Appliance Repair technicians are knowledgeable in Marvel appliances.
✓  Most service is on the same day
✓  The timing is flexible and there is an emergency service
✓  Affordable and competitive prices
Contact us for a qualified technician to solve your problem with Marvel refrigeration!
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