The best fridge

The best fridge

What is the best fridge? Nobody knows… You understand it while using! So… Can it be the-side-by-side-fridge?

Rush on large household appliances for the kitchen, including on high-quality and reliable refrigeration units, never subsides. Requests of ordinary users are becoming more complex. So manufacturers use new technologies, engineering developments, expand functionality. In general, they do everything to meet demand.

The side-by-side refrigerator is a symbol of progress, which embodies all the best qualities of classic models.

It differs from other modifications by the vertical arrangement of the chambers, while the cooling and freezing chambers are  parallel to each apppliance repair san diego

An important distinctive feature of the  models  is the unusual placement of the heat exchanger.  They are unlike form factors like Top-mount or Bottom-mount.

Consequently, the heat exchange unit is not located on the back panel. It is  under the bottom of the refrigerator.

This priority technological technique allows you to embed appliances in kitchen furniture or move them close to the wall. In addition, the heat exchange element in the side-by-side model has a special device that repels dust. Thus, process engineers once and for all solved the everyday problem of cleaning hard-to-reach parts.

The delimited space of the refrigeration and freezer compartments allows you to conveniently place products. Versatile hinged doors open up a sufficient overview for a full inspection of the cameras. Due to the impressive volumes. You can use the unit with various functions.

Absolutely all models are equipped with two independent electronic controllers, through which temperature is controlled in each chamber. By need, you can use only one of the blocks. The cooling system can be represented by one or two compressorsbest fridges

Automatic defrosting and anti-bacterial function  are provided, embodied in the infrared system. Through such exposure, the shelf life of products is significantly extended.
An inherent advantage are various temperature zones with controlled climate. These include:

The freshness zone, which some manufacturers may refer to as the living air zone. This is a compartment with a temperature of 0 ° C or +1 ° C. Here they store products that are to be consumed in the near future and do not require freezing: fish, meat, etc.

Cooling works by blowing from the freezer compartment. In this case, they seal the chamber and the refrigerant does not penetrate inside.

Camera with adjustable humidity. Here  you can place vegetables, fruits and greens. On demand, you can activate dry air.

Department for cooling drinks. In this unit, the temperature is lower by 2-3 ° C than in the main compartment.

Enjoy your being in the kitchen! Life should be enjoyable! Choose and enjoy!

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